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 After several inquiries, we have decided to offer pork to our customers! It was an easy decision to source our animals from Cedar Ridge Genetics in Redbud, IL. Blake met Caleb Grohmann, the third generation at Cedar Ridge, at the University of Missouri. Though their species of interest were different, they soon realized that they had very similar backgrounds and ideas. Both grew up in multi-generation operations that focused on producing a quality product. They both found themselves in the Animal Science department at MU pursuing advanced degrees to gain more knowledge and experience in their respective industries. Cedar Ridge focuses on providing quality Landrace, Yorkshire, Hampshire, Berkshire, and Duroc swine breeding stock to producers all over the US and abroad. They have more recently focused on enhancing meat quality in their Duroc and Berkshire lines, which is what we will offer to you.


We are excited to have a partner who values quality as much as we do. Cedar Ridge is progressive in their genetic selection, nutrition, and management. They make sustainability, animal care, and well-being top priorities. We look forward to offering you their delicious, nutritious, quality pork!


 The Pork is processed in a USDA inspected facility, vacuum packed, and frozen before it is boxed, shipped, or delivered. 


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