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 No matter the time of year, the care of our animals is our highest priority. We are committed to providing you safe, quality beef. Our beef is processed in a USDA inspected facility, vacuum packed, and frozen before it is boxed and shipped. 

  • Locally-raised, quality beef

  • No added hormones or feed-grade antibiotics

  • Humanely-raised

  • Produced with the well-being of land and livestock as top priority

  • USDA Inspected 

  • Quality driven decisions from conception to delivery


The animals of 2M Beef originate from the herds of Blake and Emily, Blake's parents, John and April McDonald, or Dr. Gary and Norma Allee.  Regardless of the origin, all 2M Beef animals are raised in progressive beef operations with similar goals that focus on providing care to the land and animals, resulting in Missouri bred, fed, and processed beef of utmost quality.


As mentioned above, the care of our cattle is the highest priority at all times.  Through the Spring, Summer, and Fall, our cows are grazing.  We utilize rotational grazing, where we strategically choose when and where the animals graze in the best interest of both the cattle and the land.  When the weather allows, we like to save as much pasture as possible for the Winter months.  After the pasture is consumed, or when there is snow on the ground,grass hay and other harvested forages are fed, we may also supplement additional protein and energy to ensure the cow's nutrient requirements are met.

Until about 200 days of age, calves eat nothing but their mother's milk and grass.  After weaning, the calves graze and are fed a grain supplement before being transitioned onto a finishing diet.  Dr. Allee and Blake have formulated a corn-based diet with the objective of producing Choice and Prime grade beef.  The cattle love their feed and are also provided unlimited access to hay and clean water.

We work closely with Dr. John McDonald, who oversees the health of our herd.  In the event of illness or injury, animals are promptly cared for.

Humane handling of animals is a must at all times.  We strive to provide a calm, low stress environment for the cattle at all stages of their lives

Happy, healthy animals = quality, tasty beef!

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